Kadesh Investments, LLC, a privately-owned company in south-central Michigan, seeks to develop a multi-use residential and retail center in a largely vacant factory half a block off US 12 in downtown Jonesville.

The vision for this project is intentional community, bringing people together to live, work and relax in ways that combine cool city convenience with small town charm.

Briefly, we envision a space for community connections in an environment that provides:

• An indoor plaza
• Five or more retail stores
• Fifteen or more residential units
• Meeting spaces for personal and corporate uses
• Studio space for a small community of artists

Our plan draws heavily on the existing Jonesville Downtown Blueprint 2004. The Blueprint specifically calls for the village to build on recent momentum to

• Increase the number and diversity of retail businesses
• Create more reasons for people to come downtown
• Restore older buildings

The Blueprint also calls for the development of downtown housing units, particularly “loft-style units above shops and in large, older, underutilized buildings.”

Wally Metts, CEO

Al Kauffman, CFO

PO Box 36
Jonesville, MI

Our mission is to promote intentional community through effective and ethical practices rooted in traditional values of service and celebration

Kadesh was an ancient Hebrew city designated as a city of refuge